The Great Tingle of 2016 - An Introduction to Sparkle HQ

It's time to get the Sparkle HQ blog ball rolling (in glitter, naturally) and the best way to start is always with an introduction. So hello! My name is Sian Jocelyn; aka the Sparkle Lady, the (crazy) Fairy Lady or more recently 'Glitterboss'. I've celebrated two 21st birthdays and am now in the early stages of working toward my third. I was raised in North London but followed my heart to the Cotswold countryside in 2007. Within five years, ta-da! I was married with two children, a mortgage, a job at a castle and a good life in the lovely town of Winchcombe.


Winchcombe, Gloucestershire

How It All Began

One morning in June 2016, I experienced an unexpected tingle in the hitherto dormant entrepreneureal cortex of my brain whilst sat at my desk in my 'turret' - obviously working VERY hard with the part of my brain that wasn't tingling. By lunchtime I'd bought myself a domain name and come up with a vague plan. I was very excited - previous to that day I'd never had any real work ambition, I'd just spent my life merrily bouncing from job to unrelated job, dedicated to a career of simply 'being happy'. I dived headlong into building (what was then) Fairy HQ and launched my business at the Winchcombe Country Show on 29th August - yes, just two months post-tingle. The first lady who walked past visibly lit up when she saw my stall in all it's fluffy pink glory, and I will never forget how her reaction made me feel.

Fairy HQ Plan    Sian Jocelyn Fairy HQ 

My First Business Notebook, and me 'Ready to Roll' on 29th August 2016

Taking Things To The Next Level

Fast forward 12 months - by this time I had handed in my notice after a decade at the Castle. It's not that Fairy HQ was so successful that I had to, but rather that I had discovered that raising children, running a house and working five days a week did not leave enough time to do anything meaningful with my beloved business. Which made me sad. So in the spirit of pursuing my career in happiness and under the influence of various one-liners (such as 'you only live once'; 'you'll never know if you don't try' and importantly 'she believed she could so she did'), a way was found for me to give up the day job to really focus on the Fairies.

Sian Jocelyn Fairy

Yes, I had a top printed for my work leaving 'do'.

Present Day And Going Forward

Fast-forward another year and the business is looking very different! Fairy HQ has become Sparkle HQ after a friend and mentor suggested it 'might be time' to rebrand to more accurately reflect what I actually offer. After being appalled for the best part of a week I saw her point. So here we are; so far things appear to be going well and I'm every bit as passionate about what I do as I was that morning in June 2016, if not more so.

Sian Jocelyn Sparkle HQ Sian Jocelyn Sparkle HQ

Summer Mode Sparkles vs. Winter Mode Sparkles

Now I've given you a bit of background and bitten the first-blog bullet; what's in store for future Sparkle HQ Glittergram Blogs? Well, it's certainly never going to be a hard-sell exercise, but I'd love to write more about what I do (and why), the products I use (and why), the things I make (and why), the services I offer, my small-business journey and maybe a bit about life in general. If you love sparkle and enjoy a light-hearted read, hopefully you'll come back for more!

Love and Sparkles


P.S. If there is anything in particular you'd like me to write about, drop me a line at or leave a comment :-)


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