Sparkle Longevity and Hair Loss

The best thing about Hair Sparkles is, of course, that they make your Hair Sparkle - the worst thing is that it's sad when they fall out and even worse still, it's impossible to predict when this might happen. Many of my clients are excited and romanced by feedback they have heard from friends who have sparkles last for 'ages', and whilst it is very common for these little shiny strands to hang around for months, it's also important to manage your expectations, so here is some more information to explain the process.

It's Not the Knot!

Each twinkling tinsel is expertly hand-tied to an individual strand of hair, and there it shall remain until the hair naturally sheds (or is accidentally pulled out). We each lose, on average, 50-200 hairs per day (most of these will be shed when washing and brushing our hair). At any time, between 5-10% of the hairs on our head are in the 'Telogen' (or resting) phase. This means that the hair has reached the end of its cycle, has stopped growing and is scheduled to fall out 'soon'. There is, alas, no way to tell when a hair is at this stage. 

What Influences Hair Loss?

We all have our own individual hair cycles, which is why some people simply can't grow their hair long no matter what they do. But even those with a long cycle can have their cycle disrupted. Your natural rate of hair loss will of course be influenced by genetics, but changes to this can occur due to an alarming range of factors, such as stress, hormonal changes, medical conditions, medications, supplements, nutrition and the seasons of the year, as well as behaviours including hair styling, hair treatments and rough brushing or brushing your hair whilst it is still wet.

Covid-19 and Hair Loss

It is well-documented that there has been a huge wave of increased hair loss since Covid-19 and Lockdown. People who have suffered and recovered from Coronavirus commonly report hair loss as a lingering after-effect of the illness. For many, many other people, the stress of the pandemic has caused Telogen Effluvium, which is an increase in the amount of hair entering the Telogen phase. Even changes to your usual washing routine (e.g. washing your hair less frequently whilst stuck at home) may cause you to notice changes to your usual pattern of hair loss.

How To Help Your Hair (and Sparkles) Linger for Longer

There are a few things you can do to try to help moderate hair loss:

  • Maintain a good diet containing plenty of protein and vitamin C
  • Protect your hair from sunlight
  • Be kind to your hair - don't over-process it with dyes and avoid harsh treatments/styling
  • Massage your scalp to help with relaxation at stressful times (avoid heavy oils as this can cause hair to shed more)
  • Limit tension on hair from tight ponytails or braids (although a loose plait at night can promote Sparkle longevity)
  • Be gentle when brushing - use a de-tangling brush and avoid tugging, especially when your hair is wet

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