The Importance of Being Honest

I didn't set out to write a blog today, but for some reason there's a word bouncing off the walls of my brain so I'm going to release it here: Integrity. 

As a consumer and through my work I am becoming more and more aware of a lack of this important quality in business - mainly the big businesses we all trust and use daily. Obviously this is not headline news to anyone but sometimes the smallest trigger really drives a message home, and in this case it was catching a snippet of a reality tv programme about fruit and vegetable production and storage in supermarkets. Just a scientist in a salad lab (that's a scary sentence) saying, with a knowing look, that she'd definitely wash a bag of salad at home, despite the 'washed and ready to eat' claim on the packaging. Yikes. Anyway, you get the gist - food with hidden naughties and nasties, products with dubious chemicals etc etc. Companies selling things that they really shouldn't be selling, merrily putting health at risk, poisoning the planet and getting rich. 

More personal bugbears in my particular line of work include people claiming their glitter is biodegradable when it's simply not. You can't GET iridescent or holographic bio-glitter. It doesn't exist (yet). I've sourced hair tinsel which claims to be heat resistant, then melts on the lowest setting. Then there's hair tinsel which is supposedly made of natural fibres. Turns out it isn't. 

Happily, there does appear to be an abundance of integrity amongst small businesses*. Good, honest people who ARE their brand, who care deeply about what they are doing, making and supplying, who respect and value each and every customer, who are trying very, very hard and working even harder. Sparkle HQ is proud to be in this category - my business exists to fulfil me and to make people happy in the process. Simples! I will never make any claims I can't back up, charge more than is fair or use anything but the best products I can source. That's a promise! Now, isn't that nice to know?

Aaah, that feels better.

Love and Sparkles, 


*Not all of them, obviously there are bad people out there - I refer here to small (and largely, but not exclusively) local businesses I have had the pleasure of meeting and getting to know personally. Also, there are plenty of very lovely BIG businesses out there!'s probably best to consider this addendum a disclaimer!

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