Why Your Salon Needs Our Professional Tinsel Tech Training!

If you’re a hair or beauty professional wondering whether the Professional Tinsel Tech Training course might be for you, read on!

‘Hair Tinsel’ is by no means a new thing, but it’s never really been given the serious attention it deserves. That is changing now with a huge rise in popularity. If you treat the service as a gimmick, that’s what it will be for your business. However, if you present it to your clients as a headlining service, you will reap the rewards. It's gaining rapid momentum and more and more clients are asking for it - if you don't introduce the service, your competitors will!

There are all too many salons using cheap, generic white-label tinsel that they sourced from Amazon, offering a half-hearted service after watching a five-minute TikTok tutorial. Hairdressing forums are awash with threads about how to make hair tinsel stay in, posted by frustrated hair professionals who are still offering the service even though they themselves confess that the strands fall out within a week, and who resort to bizarre tactics - I still shudder when I remember reading a recommendation for using a dot of eyelash glue to really secure that knot! 

Practises such as these are the equivalent of a salon using supermarket shampoo or box dye. Generic tinsel is notoriously poor quality, ‘heavy’ and chunky, with dubious heat resistance. Products aside, paying clients don’t expect to go to a professional setting and receive a service that has been studied at the University of YouTube. 

Sparkling hair properly and professionally really is a skill. It’s a technique I have honed after six years and literally THOUSANDS of heads of experience. Before I launched what started out as my little side hustle, I practiced and experimented for months. Even having started seeing clients feeling confident, I look back at my early work and find it seriously lacking. 

The online training course is a fast-track to excellence covering everything from the tying methods through all the little tricks and finessing techniques that I picked up and worked out through an exclusive career spanning several years. I’ve done all the legwork, so you don’t have to; I’ve created the course that I searched for but could not find when I started out. 

An investment for your business

By undertaking this training, then practising and perfecting your new skills until you are ready to launch the service, you’re making an excellent investment for your business. The kit that comes with the course has a retail value that will pay for the training several times over! You don’t need to have any hairdressing experience to learn how to Sparkle, so it’s even something salon juniors and trainees can do confidently. The service itself appeals to people of all ages; it’s a great alternative treatment for clients who don’t want to have their hair coloured, or a nifty little upsell alongside any other service you may offer. The Hair Sparkles product is designed to be proudly displayed, and it WILL attract attention and make you sales. 

Still not sure? Here is what some of our past trainees have to say:

Sian truly is an expert in all things Sparkle. The training day was informative, detailed and fun. One year later and we’re still loving the products and so are our clients - Layla

Being taught how to do hair sparkles by Sian was brilliant. She was methodical and patient and ensured I mastered the art of sparkling! The support I have received since my training has been great. I recommend her 110% - Julia

Not a day of my fully booked 6 day weeks pass where I’m not installing Sparkles for a client or admiring pre-existing Sparkles from a previous appointment. From a business point of view, offering this service is a no-brainer! The financial return for an extra 20 minutes onto my appointment times is beyond worth it - Laura 

I had been going to get my Sparkles done for some time and said out loud ‘I’d love to be able to offer this at my salon!’ To which Sian’s response was ‘I can train you!’ I can highly recommend her, she was thorough, professional and patient and is always there to help out if I need her to. I wouldn’t want to be trained by anyone else! - Natalie

Sian has spent a lot of time ensuring her product is true quality, which ensures I am delivering a quality service to my clients. For me it was a true investment in my business and one I have no regrets about, plus I love the smiles on my clients’ faces! - Maddie

Sian knows a lot about Hair Sparkles, she has passed on so much of her wisdom as well as helping me to believe that I can ‘Sparkle’ too. She adds the all-important edge to her training when it comes to support and confidence. I highly recommend training with her - Jo 





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