About Hair Feathers

We spent months sourcing high quality, ethically-sourced hair feathers so you don't have to! We were keen to offer them but when trying to find a supplier we were increasingly saddened by what was available - it became apparent that whilst many feather extensions were easy and inexpensive to buy online and in bulk, we were not comfortable with endorsing the way that the overwhelming majority of them were 'farmed'. We even looked, at length, into using faux feathers but fake feathers are made of bunches of synthetic hair, printed with stripes and boast none of the beautiful qualities of real feathers. After months of searching we were delighted to find the Holy Grail of hair feathers - high quality, ethically-sourced (a by-product of the free-range meat industry) and hand dyed.

Hair feathers have proven to be a huge hit with our clients young and old. They are a fast and effective way to add a flash of colour and texture to hair without the expense and commitment of using dyes. They look boho, edgy, elegant and chic all at the same time and can be used subtly or to make a real statement.

As feathers are composed of natural fibres, they can be washed, dried and heat-styled with your hair. They will take on dye though so they should be removed or protected during colour treatments. 

Here are some FAQs and answers about our Hair Feathers:

How are they attached?

Hair feathers are attached to a small section of hair using a microbead (a small plastic and metal bead which the hair and feather are clamped inside).

How long do they last?

Once attached, the feathers will remain in the hair for weeks. After some time you will notice the bead moving down the hair - this is mainly due to hair growth at the root but can also be caused by the use of hair products which can cause the bead to slide. The bead can be released with a pair of pliers (squeeze the ends in opposite directions) and the bead and feather removed simply and quickly. Our high quality feathers can be easily replaced and reused over and over again!

How much do they cost?

We charge £10 for one feather, then £5 per additional feather for each appointment. 

Refitting feathers costs £5 is part of a booking for other services, or £10 as a stand-alone appointment.

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