About Hair Sparkles

There is nothing not to love about these magical little strands - from how they look to how they make you and others feel, they work a bit of magic on everyone and are a real conversation-starter, as our clients tell us again and again!

At Sparkle HQ we live and breathe Hair Sparkles! We have had unmatched experience tying in thousands upon thousands of tinsels, so we wanted to put our name to the very best quality strand that we could find. Our Hair Sparkles® come in a broad, exciting range of colours. Importantly, Hair Sparkles® are super-fine - this makes a real difference to how the strands behave in the hair and makes them look more delicate than other tinsels, but how you choose to place them determines how subtle they are. Our sparkles can be washed, dried and heat-styled up to 210C and can even withstand colour treatments.

Here are some FAQs and answers about our Hair Sparkles®:

How do they work?

Each sparkle is hand-tied to a single strand of hair; there are no adhesive products or glue involved in the process and it does not cause any damage. The hair sparkle then behaves exactly like your natural hair - you can brush, wash, curl, straighten, cut and colour it.

How long do they last?

An individual Hair Sparkle® will last for as long as the hair it is attached to. It could be a day, it could be several weeks. They fall out gradually and even after several months it's not unusual to still have a few strands left (nb - as a general rule strands do not last as long in children's hair).

How much do they cost?

Charges for hair sparkles are as follows:


10 strands for £25
20 strands for £40
30 strands for £50
40 strands for £60
£1 per additional strand thereafter.

CHILD RATES (under 11 and under)

10 strands for £15

Each strand takes 1-2 minutes to apply.

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