Hair Feathers

Hair feathers have been popular for several years and we think they look just as good with tweed as they do on a boho festival babe. Granted, they don't glitter but they are so gorgeous we granted them honorary sparkle status!

About our Feathers

Having heavily researched the types of feathers available on the market and some of the unsavoury ways in which they can be harvested, we went to great lengths to find 'ethically sourced' hair feathers - ours are by-products of the free-range meat industry and are of a very high quality. The stunning coloured feathers are hand-dyed.

How are they attached and how long do they last?

Feathers are attached to the hair with a microbead and last for several weeks. They are easy to remove and can even be reattached. They can also be washed, dried, straightened and curled etc.

How much do they cost?

Charges for Hair Feathers are as follows:

£10 for the first feather and fitting, £5 per additional feather.


Vouchers for Hair Feathers and Hair Sparkles are now available from our shop.

Contact us for information on how to book an appointment, upcoming events or parties.

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