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Sparkle HQ is proud to be the first Hair Sparkles (also known as hair tinsel, fairy hair, fairy strands and sparkle strands) service provider to the Cotswolds and Gloucestershire area and beyond. If you are interested in being 'Sparkled' you can either book a private appointment direct, host a session at your home, or visit us at one of our upcoming public events which are listed on the home page. We also run frequent sparkle afternoons/evenings in Hertfordshire and Hampshire - these are announced on Facebook and Instagram or you are welcome to get in touch to find out when we are next planning a visit. If you have a celebration or big event coming up, why not consider booking us for a party? We offer a range of packages for Hen Do's/Girl's Nights In, Children's Parties or larger events.

Here are some FAQ's and answers about our Hair Sparkles:

How do they work?

Each superior quality sparkle is hand-tied to a single strand of hair; there are no adhesive products or glue involved in the process and it does not cause any damage. The hair sparkle then behaves exactly like your natural hair - you can brush, wash, curl, straighten, cut and colour it.
How long do they last?
An individual hair sparkle will last for as long as the hair it is attached to. It could be a day, it could be several weeks. They fall out gradually and even after several months it's not unusual to still have a few strands left (please note that as a general rule strands do not last as long in children's hair).

Our hair sparkles are sure to get you noticed and are a great conversation starter but be warned, they are highly addictive!
How much do they cost?
Charges for hair sparkles are as follows:
10 strands for £20 / 20 strands for £35 / 30 strands for £45 / 40 strands for £55 / then £1 per additional strand.
Each strand takes 1-2 minutes to apply
CHILD RATES (under 15)
£1 per strand, minimum of 10.
Vouchers for Hair Sparkles and Hair Feathers are now available from our gift shop, as well as our very own hair sparkle kits to try at home - scroll down to see more!
Contact us to enquire about appointments, upcoming events or parties.

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