Hair SParkles Hair Tinsel Kit
Hair Sparkles Hair Tinsel Kit

Hair Sparkles DIY Kit - Party Mix

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Fancy giving 'Sparkling' a go yourself? Or know someone who would love some sparkles as a gift? Our kits come complete with 20 x 40" strands, a Sparkling Tool and detailed instructions. 

20 strands is enough for two full heads, or use them all in one hit to go super-sparkly. For mid/short hair you can even cut each strand in half before starting and get twice as much bling for your buck! 

The Party Mix kit features the top five colours we get asked for at children's parties - 4 x Tourmaline (hot pink), 4 x Aquamarine (light blue), 4 x Kunzite (lilac), 4 x Yellow Sapphire (gold) and 4 x Peacock Ore (rainbow). Unicorntastic! 

 All of our packs are made to order so if you don't see what you are after in our range, or want shades to match a particular outfit please drop us a line to ask about bespoke blends. We have 29 colours in stock!

NB this is not something you can do on your own hair, so before ordering make sure you have a friend lined up to help - or of course you could plan a glittery girls' night in and Sparkle each other! 

The images illustrating the colours in the various packs contain more than the 20 strands which come in the kits.