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Ever After Box Frame Art - Set of Three

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Exclusive to and made by hand at Sparkle HQ, our series of box frame artworks comprises three pieces.

‘Three Wishes’ is little bottle containing three fairy wishes with a little silver ‘wishes’ tag and a pretty pink and green floral border. Ever so dinky.

‘Wish Upon a Star’, depicts the silhouette of a little girl wishing upon a 3d AB crystal star bead suspended inside the frame by holographic thread with a glistening pale grey border. A magical little piece.

‘Pot of Gold’ - there it is, a tiny pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! With blue and green borders to represent sky and grass, this is a very chirpy little picture to hang on your wall. 

Each box frame measures approximately 4×4″, the windows approximately 3×3″.

The frames can be purchased as a set of three or individually.